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  What are 'positive' words of the day?      
  By Factorwords.com Staff      
Some people have asked for 'positive' words. Check out a the list of 'positive' words of the day: http://www.factorwords.com/positive.
  December 15, 2015      
  Have you tried the Word Challenge yet?      
  By Factorwords.com Staff      
We've got a great new Word Challenge that tests your ability to remember the meanings of all those words Bill has been mentioning. How well do you fare? Test your ability now at http://www.factorwords.com/challenge.

By the way ... wonder how Bill himself would do at the challenge?
  September 12, 2014      
  Suggestions for a new words      
  By Factorwords.com Staff      
Have you got a great new word to suggest to Bill so he can mention it to the viewers? Why not let him know by contacting him? Send an email to oreilly@foxnews.com.
  July 27, 2014      

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